Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pharmacology Tips

Frequent Flyers Drug:

1. Discharge teaching on patients receiving dilantin?
Answer: " Teach client to brush and floss carefully after every meal."
Rationale: Dilantin causes gingival hyperplasia. Gum massage and good oral hygience may reduce gingival hyperplasia.

2. What is a common side effect of antipsychotic drugs?
Answer: Orthostatic hypotension

3. Common side effect of anti-inflammatory drugs NSAID's?
Answer: Occult bleeding especially GI tract

3. A patient is receiving Lanoxin (Digoxin). What is the expected therapeutic effect?
Answer: Improved respiratory status and increased urinary output
Rationale: Digoxin is used to slow and improve heartbeat, thus improving cardiac output. As cadiac output is improved, renal perfusion is improved and urine output inceases.

4. Why is Aldactone recommended for cirrhosis of the liver & ascites?
Answer: Aldactone, the potassium sparing diuretic inhibits the action of aldosterone on the kidneys.

5. What is a serious side effect of Clorpromazine (Thorazine)?
Answer: Agranulocystosis, may be seen with patients complaining of sore throat and fever.

6. What is the maximum volume you can give to a child when giving IM injection? How about an adult?
Answer: 1 ml for children and 5 ml for adult

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