Monday, October 09, 2006


What are the tasks you can delegate to UAP(Unlicensed Assistive Personnel) or CNA?

1. ADL: Feeding, ambulating, turning, grooming, dressing, bathing)
2. Dressing change, uncomplicated clients*
3. I&O
4. External catheter care
5. Accucheck or blood sugar monitoring*
6. Oral suctioning & mouth care*
* Depends on state and facilities policy. These functions can be delegated to a UAP as long as clients are stable with predictable outcomes and have proper training.

What are the tasks you can delegate to a LPN?
1. Can perform all of the tasks of a CNA
2. Administer enemas
3. Administer all meds, except IV meds. However, can perform saline and heparin flushes on peripheral IV's only, but not central line.
4. Administer tube feedings
5. NGT insertion
6. Blood glucose monitoring
7. Oral suctioning
8. Dressing changes
9. Insertion of Foley catheter
10. Ostomy care
11. Obtain MD’s order
12. Administer respiratory treatments
13. Venipuncture

Assign LPNs to stable patients with predictable outcomes.

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