Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sample Questions

A client is diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. The nurse knows that the diet for this client would include a:

A. Decrease in both potassium and sodium
B. Decrease in protein and increase in potassium
C. Decrease in sodium and increase in protein
D. Decrease in protein and increase in sodium

Answer: C .

A nurse is caring for a client who has recently been diagnosed with COPD and fibromyalgia. Which of the following tasks could the nurse delegate to the nursing assistant?

A. Transferring the client to the shower.
B. Educating the client on monitoring fatigue
C. Ambulating the client for the first time.
D. Taking the client's breath sounds

Answer: A. Nursing assistants should be competent on all transfers.

A 36 year-old client with a complaint of dizziness has an order for Morphine via. IV. Which of the following should the nurse should do first?

A. Recommend that the on-call physician assess the client.
B. Check the resuls of the client’s chest x-ray.
C. Perform a neurological screen on the client.
D. Retake vitals including blood pressure.

Answer: D. Dizziness can be a sign of hypotension, that may be a contraindication with Morphine.