Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thank You Message

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to those who extended their assistance & support to Entralink.

As we launched our nationwide flyer distribution campaign, a lot of you volunteered your time and even brought some of your friends & family members. Because of your passion and faith in the program, Entralink was able to increase its awareness and presence in a nationwide level. This is our very first nationwide campaign. I felt overwhelmed and encouraged by your support . In return, I will always pray and continue to whisper...PAPASAKAYO!!! I hope you take us with you, in thoughts & in spirits as you take your NCLEX exam.

Although I will not be able to mention all your name on the blogspot as the list is too long, I would like to mention a few like Julia Francisco for taking her friends, her family, and even providing her personal car for the campaign; also, Francis Lazarte for providing Entralink with available resources and extra hands.

Also, special thanks to the great staff and friends of Entralink; Gani Tan, Tim, Nancy, Rose, Ghie, Eric, Dante, Camille, Rafael, Michael, and of course my Mom. Everyone really worked hard for the successful campaign.

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