Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Practice

What do the following Drugs have in common?

Bactrim, Naproxen & Probencid ____________________________________
Answer: they must be taken with a full glass of water

Bisacodyl, Ferrous sulfate & Tetracycline _____________________________
Answer: they should not be taken with milk or dairy products

Mycophenolate, Isoniazid & Rifampin ________________________________
Answer: they should be taken on an empty stomach

A diabetic client is admitted to the ER by a coworker, who found him unconscious on the floor. A nurse would first:

A. Check the client's blood sugar level and start an IV infusion.
B. Contact the client's family and tell them to come to the hospital immediately.
C. Assess the client for head trauma.
D. Ask the coworker how long the client was unconscious.

Answer: A. It is priority to assess the client's blood sugar level. A low blood sugar level is life threatening & must be corrected immediately.

True or False. A client that has had a cataract removed should initially avoid shaving, coughing and brushing their teeth to prevent complications.


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