Sunday, June 03, 2007

NCLEX Sample Questions

A client with hepatic failure should be monitored for which one of the following?

A. Hyperkalemia
B. Hypercalcemia
C. Hyperglycemia
D. Hypokalemia

Answer: D. With hepatic failure, hypokalemia occurs because of elevated aldosterone levels. Aldosterone causes a loss of potassium.

A client has been diagnosed with dumping syndrome. Which of the following teachings should the nurse provide regarding fluid intake:

A. "Your fluids should be restricted to 1500mL/day."

B. "You can drink fluids anytime during the day."

C. "You should only ingest fluids with meals."

D. "You should only drink fluids between meals."

Answer: D. Taking fluids between meals allows for adequate hydration and aids in preventing rapid gastric emptying.


sheri g. said...

Do you have a review center (Entralink) here in Bacolod City for NCLEX? What are the requirements?

ADH said...

Sheri G.,

Please leave your email address on the comment page so we can answer your question in detail. Also, thank you for your comment. You can send me email directly to

Andy Hortillosa