Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pediatrics: Administering Medications

With otic installations for children under 3 years of age, the nurse should:

A. Pull the pinna gently down and back.
B. Pull the pinna gently up and back.
C. Pull the pinna gently down and forward.
D. Pull the pinna gently up and forward.

Answer: A. After administering ear drops, the child should remain with their head to the side with the affected ear up (to maximize contact with the external canal and reach the eardrum).

True or False

Usually 1ml is the maxiumum volume that should be administered in a single site to infants and children. TRUE.

After administering eye drops, the nurse should:

A. Encourage the child to leave their eyes open.
B. Encourage the child to keep their eyes closed briefly.
C. Encourage the child to look in all directions with eyes closed.
D. Both B & C

Answer: D. When the child closes their eyes briefly and looks in all directions, it maximizes the contact and distribution of the medication.

True or False

Since children's skin is more permeable, there is an increased risk for medication absorption and resultant systemic effects. TRUE.

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