Saturday, August 25, 2007

Colostomy Appliance Care

When emptying a colostomy appliance, the nurse should not:

A. Check for leakage under the appliance every 2 to 4 hours
B. Remove the appliance each time it needs emptying
C. Put a few drops of deodorant in the appliance if not odor-proof
D. Unclamp the bottom of the bag

Answer: B. The appliance needs to be drained into a bedpan not removed.

When changing a colostomy appliance, the nurse should:

A. Attach the appliance in a way that the client is not involved in their own care
B. Make the opening large
C. Put skin prep solution onto the stoma
D. Wash the skin area with soap and water

Answer: D. The appliance should be easily accessible for the client so that they can be involved in their own care. A large opening increases the risk of leakage. Putting skin prep solution onto the stoma will cause irritation.


A new surgical stoma will continue to shrink with the healing process, so the colostomy appliance must be measured to fit the stoma properly. TRUE.

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