Friday, May 25, 2007


Urine and mucous shreds are the expected drainage from an ileal conduit.


When treating a child for the ingestion of a poisonous substance, the nurse should not induce vomiting if the child is having a seizure.

TRUE. Induced voiting should also be avoided when the child is comatose or in severe shock.

Clients with COPD should receive oxygen at high flow rates to prevent inhibition of hypoxic respiratory drive.

FALSE. For COPD clients, oxygen should be administered at low flow rates, typically 1-3 L/minute.

For abdominal surgery, clients are placed in Fowler’s position.

FALSE. Clients should be placed in Trendelenburg’s position.

Clients on Streptokinase should be monitored for signs of excessive bleeding, especially at injection sites.


When caring for a client with a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC line), the nurse should avoid needle sticks near or above the PICC.

TRUE. Also, nurses should avoid taking BP from the PICC arm.

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