Monday, May 14, 2007

More Review Pictures

Ann is stressing a point while Ines Calma, wife of professional basketball star Hector Calma, is shown intently absorbing the lecture.


Ines Calma said...
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Ines Calma said...

I highly recommend the Entralink intensive review and learing modules. These are comprehensive, and well-delivered. The hand-outs, powerpoint presentations that accompany the speakers, the entertaining role plays, the online review and the manual should be certainly substantial to get us through the NCLEX exam.

The speakers who all came from the U.S. just to share their expertise with us are very successful professionals in the field of nursing. With their help, we could enjoy the same success with perseverance, committment and going through the right track as they advise. We couldn't get better advise and help than from professionals like the US NCLEX/CGFNS reviewer, Dr. Addie Morris; Harvard-educated, Quandara Ingram;
experienced NCLEX-RN Test Item Panel member, Jean Jackson; and U.S. trained Nurse Clinician for 16 years, Ann Hortillosa-Adams. Their encouragement and motivation are anxiety busters....believe, and we will see ourselves as successful future nurses sooner than we think.

Take that leap of'll be off to a great start! I believe I made the best choice.

Marge Llamas said...

I totally agree with ate Ines.I too highly recommend their intensive review:) It was the first time that I understood & absorbed every topic so fast...back in college,I had to read my notes over & over again to really understand the topics,but Ms.Ann made the topics simple and easy for everyone to understand.Thank you so much to the whole Entralink family for the support!:) God bless!Papasa kami!