Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Arqueene Chiong, RN- New NCLEX Passer

I would like to congratulate Arqueene Chiong for passing the NCLEX. She is a 2006 batch graduate and took her NCLEX exam late March.

The month of March is a great month for us. Why? Everyone who took the NCLEX exam this March all passed. We have two more nurses waiting for their result which will be issued sometime middle of April.

Why are these nurses successful in their exam? These nurses have faith in our program. They listened to our recommendations, and are passionate about their online review. I can asssure you, we have given you everything you need to know to pass NCLEX. If you concentrate on the materials we give you, the online practice, the blogspot, and the review manual you receive as final coaching, you are well on your way to successfully passing NCLEX.

Pls. do not look elsewhere or don't get confused with so many review materials. With your hardwork, prayers, and our support. You will Pass NCLEX. As I say, PAPASAKAYO!

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