Sunday, September 09, 2007

Psych Sample Questions

Jenny, a client with bipolar disorder, is losing weight. Which of the following nursing interventions should be a priority when planning care for this client?

A. Create rituals around eating.
B. Obtain an order for a sedative 2 hours before meals.
C. Ensure the eating place is free from stimulation.
D. Determine the calorie requirements for the client.

Answer: D. In this case, the priority in nursing care would be stabilizing the client's weight. In order to do this, the nurse needs to determine the client's calorie requirements. "A" would not improve the client's nutritional status or meet the goal of weight stabilization. "C" would benefit the client, but it does not take priority.

TRUE or FALSE. Pick's Disease can be managed through the use of hearing aids, speech therapy, and SSRIs. TRUE.

Pick's Disease causes a slow shrinking of brain cells due to excess protein build-up. Clients initially exhibit personality and behavioral changes, and a decline in the ability to speak coherently. Clients can exhibit behaviors that can be dangerous to themselves and others. Occupational therapy, and behavior modification techniques that reward positive behaviors can also be used to manage this disorder.

Children that have been sexually abused should be encouraged to do which of the following:

A. Verbalize their feelings about the incident(s).
B. Draw a picture to show what happened.
C. Use dolls or toys to show what happened.
D. All of the above.

Answer: D. The child should be encouraged to verbalize their feelings to dispel the tension which has been built up by secrecy. The child should be encouraged to show what happened to them to help them recover from the traumatic ordeal.

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