Friday, March 23, 2007

NCLEX-RN Trigger Questions & Answers

Q: What are the priorities for a patient with Wilm's tumor?
A: Protect the child from injury to the encapsulated tumor and prepare the family and child for surgery.

Q: What is the most important indicator of increased ICP?
A: The most important indicator is a change in the patient's level of responsiveness.

Q: Why is hydration a priority in treating sickle-cell disease?
A: Hydration promotes hemodilution & circulation of the red cells through the blood vessels

Q: What are the metabolic effects of PKU?
A: The metabolic effects include: CNS damage, mental retardation & decreased melanin.

Q: Which postpartum women experience afterpains more than others?
A: More afterpains are expereinced by women who are breastfeeding, multiparas and those who experienced over distension of the uterus.

Q: What should a nurse do to extinguish a thermal burn?
A: The nurse should remove the clothing and immerse the affected part(s) in tepid water.

Q: What is the only intravenous fluid compatible with blood products?
A: Normal saline.

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