Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tips from a Recent NCLEX Passer Missy Gepte

Thank you so much, Ms.Ann!!! The manual and review helped me-A LOT!!! But the best part was when I was getting really tired and brain-dead on my 180th question...i relied solely on the critical questioning already...THE WHY NOTS? everyone, JUST CONCENTRATE ON THE REVIEW, MANUAL, AND THE ON-LINE REVIEW provided for us. This is so far the most accomodating, innovative and applicable review program I have attended...and I have attended quite a few for both my local board exam and the CGFNS. DO NOT ENGAGE IN READING SO MUCH REVIEW will just confuse and overwhelm you. Just like what Ms. Ann just have to have a clear idea on what the concepts are and learn to apply it on the questions being asked. Just trust in the program and you will pass. Thank you ENTRALINK!!! I would not have made it without you! God Bless you always!

This was entered by Missy on the previous section and I transferred it here so everyone could see her comments. Ann
11:35 PM

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